Monday, May 4, 2009

Women's Conference

Jeannie, Marian, Trisha, Emily, and Jana

We spent 2 nights in a hotel so we didn't have to get up as early and so we could have more fun in the evening. Here's Marian and Jeannie. Emily met up with the 4 of us a little later on Wednesday night and started talking about what you do at a girl's sleepover....
Eat sardines from a can
Play Truth or Dare
Paint your fingernails and/or toenails
Put on fake eyelashes!
That's right, Emily bought the individual fake eyelashes so we could all have a little "swoosh" at the end of our own eyelashes. It was pretty funny putting them on, and they didn't turn out too shabby either. Well, after a little trimming action on some of us so they weren't 3 times the length of our regular eyelashes.

Here's Emily showing off her first 2 eyelashes added.
Emily practiced up on herself and then put eyelashes on for the rest of us. Here Trisha is getting her eyelashes.
Marian getting her eyelashes fixed by Emily before heading out for our classes Thursday morning.

All day Thursday, Jeannie worked on quilting this baby quilt for a gift. She needed to have it finished by Saturday morning so she worked rather diligently, until she couldn't find her "antique" thimble. Jeannie stuck her thimble in her pocket when she headed up for a bathroom break. When she got back her thimble was gone. Jeannie has had this thimble for 20 years and they don't make the same kind anymore so we had to find it. Trisha will have to tell you the rest of the story because she tells it best!

We had lots of fun, but were spiritually uplifted too. It was a great experience and now we are all trying to be a little bit better and do a little bit better in our everyday lives.

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