Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Summer Dress Instructions:

Summer Dress Instructions:

1. Cut fabric
Newborn: 12"x32" main / 6"x32" accent
Size 6m: 13.5"x36" main / 6.5"x32" accent
Size 1: 15"x38-45" main / 7"x38-45" accent
Size 2: 16"x38-45" main / 8"x38-45" accent

2. Cut ribbon and burn ends to prevent fraying
4 pieces 15" long

3. Cut elastic
use 3/4" wide for toddlers and 1/2" wide for infant
Measure around the underarms of the child and and one inch for the length.

4. Line up both fabric pieces to make sure it's the same width (either 32, 38, 45"), then SERGE each piece to make a tube.

5. Iron top of main color fabric 1/4" down before we turn fabric under.

6. Turn top casing 2 to 2 1/4" and press.

7. Edge stitch along bottom of casing.

8. Sew casing 1".  Remember to leave 2" open to pull elastic through.

9. Put elastic through casing.  Overlap elastic 1/2" and sew together.

10.  Iron bottom accent fabric in half lengthwise.

11. Pin on main fabric and sew 1/2" seam.

12. Surge seams together (main and accent together)

13.  Pin on ribbons using back dress seam as guide.  Sew on the same lines used for casing.


Sara said...
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Fackrell Fam said...

WOW emily! You are so awesome to spend the afternoon with me and my kids! You are so amazing and I had a great time! I love this group of yours!!

Holmes said...

Your dress turned out cute Emily.

Kathryn said...
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