Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Knitting Klub

For Klub last week we had Jeannie teach us how to knit slippers. It was a lot of fun to eat a delicious lunch and let all 8 kids play together: Jake, Ryan, Andrew, Shawn, Nate, Sariah, Erika, and Kate.
{Jeannie and Katie}
{you can sort of see the 5 carseats in one car: front-Shawn, Nate, Kate/back-Erika, Sariah}
So girls, keep knitting! I got my first slipper done and started on my second one. This is the toddler size slipper.
Here's the project Trisha actually worked on during Klub. She finished it and it's now entered in the State Fair. Way to go Trish! Everyone please go vote for her in the quilt building.


Emily said...

Thanks for posting Jana! You are the best history and are pretty darn good at knitting too! Thanks for your help with mine the other day. I won't be entering mine into the fair, however. I have just a few too many extra loops here and there.

Marce said...

Jana! This is Marci- I was hoping you'd send me the link to your blog?? Can't seem to find it anywhere...I'd love to read up on you and your cute fam! You're lovely!

Marci Hartley Chapman